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In this ever-evolving world of photography, editing plays a vital role in transforming images into captivating visual stories like the Urban Noir Lightroom preset.

 With the rise of mobile photography, the demand for user-friendly yet powerful editing has increased to a toll on our website. 

We understand the need for easy-to-use solutions that meet all the needs of the modern photographer. 

Our latest addition is the Urban Noir Lightroom preset for all devices, a tool that helps you add a unique touch of urban mystery to all your photos. Designed to connect.

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What is Urban Noir

Urban Noir Lightroom preset is a unique that blends the whole aesthetic with peacock inspired tones. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to add a dramatic cinema flair to their mobile photos whether you’re capturing city scenes.  

Urban noir lightroom preset mode will enhance the street scene and ambiance, making each of your photos stand out from the digital crowd.

Why Choose Urban Noir Lightroom Preset?

simplicity meets excellence

Our Urban Noir lightroom preset is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that anyone, regardless of their editing expertise, can use it with ease. Just a few clicks and your photo will be transformed to your liking.

Versatility Redefined

From moody urban landscapes to stylish portrait shorts, the Urban noir Lightroom preset is versatile and easily adapts to different photography styles, giving you the flexibility to experiment with your creative chops.


Designed specifically for mobile devices, this preset is perfectly optimized to work flawlessly on your smartphone or tablet. Now you can edit your photos on the go with just one click.

How to Download and Apply Urban Noir Lightroom Preset:

Click, Download, Done

Coming to our website, you click on the download button for Urban Noir Lightroom preset, And then when you come to an article, you will see that there are similar presets, select all of them and scroll down to the bottom and you will find the download button and when you click, it will be downloaded.

how to download lightroom presets

Change Downloaded txt format to xmp format.

Once you download the file of Urban Noir Lightroom preset, it is very important for you to do one thing, change its formatting, so follow the steps given below and know this too.

1. First of all, after downloading, go to your file manager and search for the downloaded file.

2. Select the file and click on Rename, cut its last text .txt and save it.

3. And you must note that now the format of this file has become xmp.

And only when you follow the above method, the downloaded file will become usable and now let us know how to edit on this photo.

Import and Transform

The Urban Noir Lightroom preset is very easy to use on your photos, just follow the steps below and you will become a master.

1. Go to the application in your lighter, select any of your favorite photos and open it in edit mode.

2.And click on the presets option and you will find a three dot icon in the corner, click on it and click on import preset.

3. Now import one of our downloaded xmp presets and apply and it’s done.

So from the above method you learned how you can apply our downloaded presets to photos and even check out more methods below to learn more.

Fine-Tune to Perfection

While the reset gives amazing results, feel free to fine-tune the settings to suit your specific preferences. Be sure to adjust the brightness and contrast and then saturation to get your desired look.

Why Urban Noir?

Urban Noir is not just a fad. This Urban Noir Lightroom preset is an experience. It transforms your photos to give them a professional touch that leaves a lasting impression. 

The deep contrasts created by Urban Noir create an atmosphere of eerie tones and mystery.  Your photos will make you tell your own story that will keep your viewers appreciating the artistry behind the lens of your photos.


So now you must have come to know that lightroom Urban Noir preset gives a very good look with which you can give a cinematic look to all your photos, so to get such fun presets, stay connected with our website and if you have any problem. 

Our website is specially made for you, considering your facilities, so to stay connected with our website, join our WhatsApp group in which you can ask us any question as per your wish or you can contact us through WhatsApp anytime as per your wish. You can ask for presets, the preset will be provided to you as per your wish. 👍 👍 🥳

 If you want pressure then please comment and you can see many more presets below.

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