Lightroom Wedding Presets free, Top 4 most popular presets.

In this age of digital photography, capturing beautiful fruits has become much easier than in earlier times, however, turning those moments into new memories often requires post processing magic.  

A great tool for wedding lovers that can add some next level sparkle to your wedding photos are the lightroom wedding presets.

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Understanding Wedding presets lightroom 

Lightroom presets for people in this new photography world Adobe Lightroom has preset settings that adjust different types of elements of a photo with just one click Wedding presets are specially designed for wedding photography.  

These pre wedding presets lightroom free have it all which enhance the romantic atmosphere, highlight the couple and bring out the hidden emotions, colors and hopes in the photos clicked on their big special day.

Why choose lightroom wedding presets

While planning a wedding or pursuing the hobby of photography, we do not worry about the budget in a wedding, 

but what if we can save money in that too, like adopting free Indian wedding presets lightroom mobile and let us tell you that our website gives you lots of freebies.Β  Allows you to use presets.Β Β 

You can do your editing without paying a heavy price with our Lightroom presets.

How to use lightroom wedding presets

Let us know how to setup pre wedding presets lightroom and how to use them, absolutely step by step. You can follow the following steps below.

Step 1: Download our free Lightroom presets

Step 2: Then open the Lightroom application from your device.

Step 3: Once opened, select our free Lightroom presets.

Step 4: After that type on edit and copy its reset.

Step 5: Then select any of your photos.

Step 6: Go to the preset option in your photo and paste the copied preset.

So, by following the above steps, you can try out the wedding presets lightroom free on your photos and change its look.

Search for: Lightroom Wedding presets free collection

Now that we know about the collection of fun and exciting wedding presets,

 you can download many Lightroom presets free through the post given below and take the look of photos to the next level with different types of colors.  

You just need to find and use our Lightroom presets.

Guide to download lightroom wedding presets

It is very easy to download wedding presets lightroom mobile, just follow the steps given below and you will be able to download them easily.

 Step 1: First of all, go to the home page of our website or search your favorite collection by clicking on the search box in the corner.

 Step 2: After searching your favorite collection, you will see the names of many collections.

 Step 3: Click on any of them and click on the download option and it will open in a page where the post will be.

 Step 4: Initially you will see that its related preset photos are given, you can select any of them.

 step 5: After selecting, you can directly scroll down and click on download.

 So by completing this process you can easily download your favorite preset.

how to download lightroom presets

Change Downloaded txt format to xmp format.

Β Once you download the file of wedding presets lightroom mobile, it is very important for you to do one thing, change its formatting, so follow the steps given below and know this too.

1. First of all, after downloading, go to your file manager and search for the downloaded file.

2. Select the file and click on Rename, cut its last text .txt and save it.

3. And you must note that now the format of this file has become xmp.

And only when you follow the above method, the downloaded file will become usable and now let us know how to edit on this photo.

txt format to xmp format


Wedding day is a very memorable day which no one wants to forget and if anyone is fond of photography then he can use our presets to give next level look to his photos, so download our free lightroom wedding presets today and get started.Β Β 

To give a look to your photos and get similar Lightroom presets, join our website. You will get to see many free Lightroom presets in this website.

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