Curious To Know About Me And My Experience With Blogging?

Hello, friends

 My name is Nitesh Mallah and I am the inventor of this blog presets free download. I am 18 years old and I am a part time blogging person and actually if I tell you about myself, I am a student who is currently studying in the first year of graduation. I completed my studies from 1 to 12 and did matriculation and  Got a good rank in Inter. If I tell you about my blogging journey, how long will I do blogging and how far I want to go, then before that let me tell you about my team who is behind this website. Always ready to provide the best content.

Meet the Team: Nitesh Mallah and the Creative Minds Behind Our Website

So now let us know the complete information about our team, from writing the content of this website to designing the website, the entire credit goes to those two brothers who are mentioned below, you can know about them.  And can know about their works.

 Nitesh Mallah – From writing content for the website to providing user friendly writing, I do the entire work of searching for new Nikon photography presets for people. I am from Dhanbad district of Jharkhand.

 Bittu Mallah – Bittu Mallah is my brother who handles the entire work of web designing. His job is to manage the server. He is a master in coding who can design websites easily. His age is 19 years old.  And Bittu Mallah is also preparing for first year in graduation with me and he has studied with me till now.

 So this was our complete information above, now let us take you to the past and ongoing stories in our life.

Our Life story


 We live in Chirkunda, a small town in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand state in India and we are from a poor family and our parents are farmers and our profession is farming. The story in our online journey starts from 2020 when we  Was studying in ninth class.

 Entry in online field

  We did not have any knowledge of online, then father had bought a Samsung Android phone 1 year ago in 2019, which we used a little and learned about online and my brother started coding from the phone, he started coding HTML and JavaScript from the phone itself.  Learned css and later on he became master in coding and I used to pay utmost attention to studies.


 Both of us used to pay equal attention to studies. When lockdown was imposed in 2019, studies started from home and due to complete lockdown in 2020, we were staying at home.

 Our Youtube journey

  We wanted to start our journey in YouTube and created a YouTube channel and we grew and earned a little bit, but later we changed the YouTube channel and now we run separate YouTube channels.

  Starting of Blogging

 We learned about blogging in 2022 and till now we are in the field of blogging. Apart from this, we also have 2 more different websites on which we earn a little bit.  And we also bought a computer in 2023 and we are engaged in our online world.

 Now let us know what was our journey from YouTube to the web and what we learned and how we revealed the way to move forward.

Our Journey from YouTube to Web: Building Communities and Sharing Knowledge

We worked hard in YouTube and made good YouTube videos for people and our income from YouTube increased and now we have come to the web from YouTube and are increasing the community and sharing our knowledge with people. We have created a website.  The world’s first Blogger, which is a free Google website builder, we started from there and after learning everything while experimenting there, we shifted to WordPress in 2023.

 And now let us also know when the passion for content writing and website designing emerged between us two brothers and what role it played in it.

Crafting Engaging Content: My Passion for Writing and Brother’s Design Expertise

I Nitesh Mallah, when I studied in 11th, my stream was Arts and because of my writing skills, I got interested in writing and later I came into the field of content writing and I wrote content for the website and I was freelancing.  have also done

 And my brother learned a lot by being in the field of coding and he incorporated the knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP in his mind and moved ahead and now he has become an expert in website design.

Mastering the Art of Photo Editing: Your Gateway to Stunning Visuals

And as far as photo editing is concerned, when we used to edit our YouTube videos, we needed more photos and making thumbnails was very important and from then onwards our mind got attracted towards photo editing and we also tried to reach our heights in photo editing. Move forward to achieve and our passion is still in photo editing.

 We help people by editing photos and to provide convenience to people, we have created this website. You can download the presets for photos on this website and try the settings edited by us on your photos.

How long should I do blogging?

Blogging is a dream of ours which we want to take to greater heights and it is our privilege to provide valuable content to people. We will always keep going like this and will take our journey to greater heights. So thank you for reading about us.