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In this new digital photography world that is constantly evolving, travel enthusiasts and professional photographers alike are looking for ways to enhance their scenes with Travel Lightroom presets as a next-level game changer.  

In this great guide, we will dive into the charm of travel presets lightroom free discover the essentials to use them and also tell you how you can easily download them and use them in your  Let’s start with how to edit photos.

Strainthway: To download this Travel Lightroom presets, scroll down and you will find the download button, from there you can easily download it.

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Understanding the Essence of Travel Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are carefully crafted settings that enhance the life, mood, and overall beauty of photos in a variety of scenes, whether you’re clicking a photo of a serene beach, the bustling streets of Tokyo, or a golden sandbank.  

These Lightroom presets serve as tools designed to fill your images with unique tones and styles, from enhancing the stark reds of a sunset to adding a high-quality look and vintage touch to a city’s famous travel photography styles.  We cater to a wide range of services that bring to life the memories of your travels.

Downloading Travel Lightroom Presets: A Step-by-Step Guide

So now let us know in detail the complete method of downloading lightroom travel presets free and also understand the complete method of using it.

Explore Reputable Websites

Explore different websites and choose how you want to use the photos you have created. Our Lightroom presets can be very helpful to you, for this you can sell it on different platforms or share your  Can increase marketing.

Selecting the Right Presets

Narrow down your favorites based on how you want to convey a next-level ton of humanity in your travel photos or any photo, whether you prefer high-quality board presets for all photography or landscapes.  

If you like light, soft and special tones, there are Lightroom presets for every choice, which you will get from here.

Download and Installation

how to download lightroom presets

Our lightroom travel presets free are absolutely easy to download and use. You can easily learn how to download by following the steps below.

 Step 1: First of all select your favourite collection from our website and open it in its post.

 step 2: After reading this post you can select multiple more presets below

 step 3: After that scroll down to the bottom and after coming down you will see that a download button has been given, you can download it by clicking on it.

 Step 4: Please note that the download will be in dot txt format, which you will have to rename with the file manager.

 So with this above method you have completely understood the downloading process and it will not work in your lightroom only unless you follow the method mentioned below.

Change txt format to xmp format.

 Converting downloaded files from txt to xmp is quite easy, all you need to do is do something in the file manager.

 Step 1: Open your file manager application and go to the download option.

 Step 2: Select the downloaded file and click on Rename to cut the last part of .txt.

 Step 7: Leave and save the .xmp and then go and import it into your Lightroom application.

 So by following this method you can make the downloaded preset usable. Now let’s move on to how to apply it to your photo.

Applying Presets to Your Photos

There is a very easy way to apply lightroom travel presets free to your photos, just follow this step by step process.

  • Open your lightroom application
  • Import your favourite image
  • By clicking on it, go to edit mode and click on the preset option.
  •  After that click on Import presets by clicking on the 3 rods in the corner and import the downloaded preset.
  •  And now the preset will have been applied to your photo or you can apply it.

Now your image is ready to use and you can realise your image glowing and quality.

Unlocking the Potential of Travel Lightroom Presets

Now spread your wings and take over the world with the help of this Travel Lightroom presets. You won’t believe how much joy it will bring to people and how much happier they will be when they find out that it works in just one click.  

You will be able to gain a lot of height with the help of these photos through different means and continue your journey.


If you keep traveling to different places and shoot your photos and videos, then this post must have helped you a lot because we told you in this post that you can give high quality glowing to your photos in just one click.  

And there are different types of lightroom presets you can use from our side.

 So stay connected to our website for similar different Lightroom presets and presets of different applications. 

Thank you.

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