Top 4 Lightroom Dark Presets Free Download.

In this dynamic universe of digital photography, editing tools have become brushes and canvases for artists that allow them to portray their imaginations with utmost ease. Lightroom is at the forefront of these tools that suit different tastes and categories.  

Offering a plethora of presets, one area that has gained immense popularity among photographers is the area of ​​Lightroom Dark presets.

 In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the fascinating world of this preset and discover its charms and how to use them to their fullest effect.  So now we understand about this preset.

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Understanding the Allure of Dark Presets

The Lightroom Dark presets are a carefully crafted setting that emphasizes deep contrast shadowy tones and moody ambiance. This preset is perfect for photographers and enthusiasts who want to add a touch of intrigue and drama to their photos.  

While capturing all the scenes, the scene or dark presets create a sense of mystery, turning ordinary photos into visually captivating acts.  And now let us know some of its features.

Why Choose Lightroom Dark Presets for Your Photography?

Below are some of the highlights of our Lightroom dark presets that may tempt you to use it.

Evoke Emotions

Dark presets evoke powerful emotions from paths to sadness and add depth and story to your photos.

Highlight Details

By enhancing shadows and contrast, these Lightroom dark presets bring out intricate details with absolute smoothness, giving your photos a mesmerising texture.

Create Consistency

Maintaining a consistent aesthetic across your photography catalog becomes a breeze with the Dark presets for lightroom that create your unique visual identity.


These Dark presets for lightroom are easily adapted to a variety of photography styles, making them a favourite among professionals and hobbyists alike.

 You must have understood the above mentioned amazing features and after this we will understand the way to download it and apply it on your photo.

Downloading and Applying Dark Presets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Both the methods are given below, from downloading to applying on the photo, you can understand them by reading them.

Download process

1. Choose your favourite collection from our website

 2. Select your favourite from all the presets visible.

 3. Scrolled down.

 4. Click on the download button.

 5. After clicking this you will get redirected to the next page.

 6. And now here you can download the zip file.

 5. It will be downloaded directly into your phone

Lightroom Presets free download

Applying process

Step 1: First of all open your Lightroom application.

 Step 2: Import or select downloaded preset

 Step 3: click on the presets option and then click the upper side corner 3 dots and now copy their setting.

 Step 4: select your favourite image otherwise import your favourite image.

 step 5: click on the presets option and then click 3 and paste setting.

 Step 6: Now your preset has been applied to your photo.

 So by following this above method you can easily learn the process from downloading to applying.


The Lightroom Dark presets aren’t just an editing tool. They’re a gateway to a world where creativity knows no limits. By combining these presets into your workflow, you’ll unlock the power to captivate your audience and tell a compelling visual story.  

If you can, then download your favourite dark preset and go on this changeable journey and impress the next level identity in the mysterious colours of the world and stay connected with us for more such presets and also add it to your friends and  Please give us your opinion below. Thank you

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