10 Vintage Color Grading Premiere Pro Presets Free Download.


Vintage Color Grading has become a very prominent aspect of the new modern video editing in Premiere Pro which combines contemporary content with a vintage touch. In this article we will look specifically at the carefully crafted presets called Vintage Color.  

We’ll delve into the intricacies of grading, take a deep dive into the magic of turning your photos into a timeless classic, and learn how to easily integrate this preset into your Premiere Pro workflow.

Understanding Vintage Color Grading

Vintage color grading is an art form that captures the aesthetics of a bygone era. Our Vintage Color Grading presets in Premiere Pro are designed specifically to make this process easier by accurately recreating the film look and feel of analog.  Which makes it very easy for both experienced professionals and aspiring filmmakers.

Features of the Vintage Color Grading Preset

Our presets are a very powerful tool that provides unlimited features at your fingertips. From subtle glow tones to rich colors, these presets offer a wide range of vintage looks to add authenticity to your photos.  

Explore the vignettes and their nuances in depth The user-friendly interface and hassle-free experience ensure that even those new to color grading find it easy. 

How to Download the Vintage Color Grading Preset

How to download premiere pro Presets for free in 2024

Check out the step-by-step guide we have put together below to download Vintage Color Grading presets Premiere Pro.

 Step 1: Go to the homepage of our website and search for your favorite collection, from there and go to that page.

 Step 2: After coming to that favorite collection, you must have been told about it in that article, scroll down slowly to download it.

 Step 3: When you come to the last while scrolling, you will find a download file button, you can download it by clicking on that button.

 Step 4: After the download process is complete, extract it from your file explorer only then it will work.

 So with these above methods, today we learned how to easily download Vintage Color Grading presets Premiere Pro from our website and now let us know the process to install it in your Premiere Pro.

Installation Process in Premiere Pro

Follow the simple steps below to add Vintage Color Grading presets to your Premiere Pro project after downloading them.

How to add Presets on premiere Pro 2024

 Step 1: Search for Premiere Pro software in your computer or laptop and open it and create a new project.

 Step 2: In the new project, you have to add your clip to the timeline and go to the effects panel.

 Step 3: Coming to the effect panel, you have to import the project by right clicking. Import the downloaded presets.

 Step 4: After that drop it above the clip in your timeline, your preset will be applied in your project.

 So with these above methods you can easily download Vintage presets for Premiere Pro and you let us know some new methods and look into improving your project.

Tips and Tricks for Optimal Results

To improve the effect of vintage color grading, pay attention to the following reasons.

  • Experiment with Different Settings

Customize presets to suit your project. Try mixing parameters like contrast, saturation and grain to create the perfect vintage watery look.

  • Blend Modes

Consider and experiment with different blend modes to easily integrate a vintage effect into your photos. Soft Light and Overlay modes often produce impressive results.

  • Storyboarding

Plan your color grading differently based on the emotion and narrative of your video. Vintage color grading can greatly enhance the storytelling aspect of your material.

  • Preview and Fine-Tune

To grade in real time, constantly look over your photos, fine-tuning the settings until you achieve the perfect vintage glow.


With our carefully crafted presets, you'll be sure to incorporate vintage color grading into your Premiere Pro projects and your work will be easier than ever, from downloading the presets to easily integrating them into your daily workflow.  

This article has provided a great guide to unlocking the charm of a vintage aesthetic. Enhance your video content and share a unique experience with your viewers. And be sure to comment below to give us your feedback.

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