Top 10 Slide Transition Premiere Pro Free Download

In the ever growing world of video editing, easy editing plays a very important role in enhancing the overall quality of your content. Adobe Premiere Pro being a very powerful tool for video editing allows the users to enhance their projects with different types of editing.  

One of the best famous slide transition Premiere Pro presets. In this entire article, we will discuss how you can take your videos to the next level with free slide transitions Premiere Pro presets in an easy way.

Understanding Slide Transitions

Slide transitions involve the movement of a video frame or image through a sliding motion to reveal the next photo. This effect adds a professional touch and keeps viewers engaged. 

Premiere Pro Slide Transitions  It provides easy editing of these effects and is available to download for free and has been made easy.

Are Slide Transition Premiere Pro Preset Free?

Yes, there are many free slide transitions available for Premiere Pro. These presets are specially designed to simplify the editing process so that users can easily get visually appealing and polished slide transitions.  

Resources can be found on a variety of websites and forums, but you can find them on our website without going anywhere else.

How to Download Free Slide Transition Presets

Check out the various steps given below to download Smooth Slide Transition Premiere Pro.

How to download premiere pro Presets for free in 2024

 Step 1: Whenever you come to the home page of our website, search for your preset.

 Step 2: To search, specify the name of your collection or browse for the collection, then click on preset collection.

 Step 3: You have to scroll down slowly in that article and come to the end to download that preset.

 Step 4: When you come to the end, you will find a download file button, click on it and download the file.

 Step 5: Once the file is downloaded, make sure to unzip it from your file explorer and only then it will work.

 So in this way it is easy to download slide transition Premiere Pro presets and now let us also explain how to add it to Premiere Pro software.

How to Add Smooth Slide Transitions in Premiere Pro

See below for a variety of steps to add Premiere Pro presets to your Premiere Pro.

How to add Presets on premiere Pro 2024
  1. Open Premiere Pro

Search for your Premiere Pro software on your computer or laptop and open it, or if not, download Premiere Pro.

  1. Create or Open a Project

Create a new project by clicking on New Project or search and open your old project in which you want to apply this transition.

  1. Import Your Footage

Add a photo or video to your Premiere Pro’s timeline so that the effect of the transition can be seen when applied over it.

  1. Access the Effects Panel

Now it’s time to add the preset above the clip in your timeline, so find the Effects panel and go there.

  1. Locate the Presets Folder

To import your preset, create a space where the preset is imported i.e. create a preset folder.

  1. Import Presets

Search and import the preset from your file explorer by right clicking the mouse and clicking on Import preset.

  1. Apply the Presets to Clips

Now your Slide Transition Premiere pro preset will be imported. Now find the preset in Effects and drag and drop it on any clip in your timeline. It will be applied.

  1. Adjust Duration and Settings

Slide transition is such a transition in which speed matters more so go into its setting i.e. adjust its speed in effect control.


Finally, adding slide transition Premiere Pro presets can significantly increase the viewing power of your videos. Make your process both accessible and efficient with the availability of free presets. 

Follow the steps in this article and you'll be  able to download these presets from our site and easily collect them in your projects, so download them today and step into the world of editing and do comment below to tell your opinion, thank you.

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