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Professional photography enthusiasts are always looking for different ways to enhance their photo editing capabilities. In the field of photography, Lightroom is a favourite for post processing due to its various features and the added magic of high quality presets.

Option is If you are searching for Lightroom Premium presets free download then you have come to the right place. In this article we will tell you how to download these presets and why it is a good decision to choose our presets. How to apply them for amazing results.  Do it.  So let us first know the download process.

How to Download Lightroom Premium Presets

To download Lightroom premium presets for free, we have designed a very easy method which anyone can download for free by following just a few steps, so let’s understand it step by step.

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Visit Our Website

Click on the home page of our website or on the search button in the corner and type the name of your favorite preset there and click on search to search and choose from the different presets given below.

Browse the Collection

All are visible, choose your favourite collection and choose the presets you like best and continue the further process.

Select Your Favorites

After opening the preset, click on your favourite preset from all the presets shown and scroll down.

Download Presets

Now click on the download option visible on the download button and then Lightroom Premium Presets Free Download directly on your device.

Lightroom Presets free download

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Why Choose Our Lightroom premium Presets

After all, why should you choose our Lightroom Premium presets? What would be the reason behind touching, then let us remove this thought from your mind.

Professional Quality

Our Lightroom premium presets promise quality. If you download and use this preset in your photos, we will assure you of the quality because these high quality presets are provided to you.

Diverse Styles

We provide you presets in different types of styles in this website, whether it is Lightroom vintage presets or cinematic look presets, you can download various types of presets from here.


Our friendly design is absolutely suitable for the users, which people can easily use and get into it well. They can use the easy method as per their need, from searching to downloading.


While other premium hosting providers provide you with the exact presets from the website, we believe in giving you quality tools for free and hence our project is free.

How to Apply Lightroom Premium Presets

Now you should also know how to set Lightroom Premium presets by applying them on your photos. Most of the people are not able to do this but it is very easy to do, you follow the instructions below.

Open Adobe Lightroom

First of all, find your Lightroom application and open it.

Import our dng format Photo

Import the downloaded Lightroom Premium presets from your device.

Copy preset setting

After going into edit mode of the downloaded preset, there is a three dot option in the corner, click on it and copy its settings by clicking on Copy Settings.

Choose your favourite image

Now choose your favorite photo from your gallery.

Apply Preset

Now click on the 3 dots option in the corner of your favorite selected photo and click on the paste setting and you will see here that your photo preset has been applied.

Adjust if Necessary

Although your photo looks great through all the presets, but if necessary, pay attention to adjusting the area of ​​your photo, you can try adjusting it from contrast to brightness.

Save Your Work

After doing all these presets process, do not forget to save the final look that comes in your photo. Save your work and do not hesitate to share it with your friends because your look is your identity.


If you want to improve your photography and you are looking for Lightroom’s premium presets, then these premium presets can be a game changer. They streamline your favorite process for you so that you can easily achieve professional quality results.  By choosing our presets and following our easy download and application, you can take your photography to new heights. Immerse yourself in the world of creativity and fill your photos with the magic of free Lightroom Premium presets.

 If you liked this method of downloading Lightroom Premium Premium presets for free and you also liked the above presets, then do mind sharing with your friends and do leave your suggestions below and upload similar quality presets on our website.  It happens, so thank you for joining us in future also.

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