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Welcome to your world of limitless creativity with Lightroom Classic presets. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the magic of photo editing and understand the pitfalls of using presets to enhance your experience whether you’re an experienced photographer or not.  

Well, that doesn’t mean simply transforming your photos into something eye-catching is something we all aspire to, so keep reading as we not only discuss the different types of Lightroom Classic presets but also show you how to use them.  

We also provide you the link to the magical tool as a free download, so let us first learn how to use preset in lightroom classic.

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The Allure of Lightroom Classic Presets

Understanding the art of using presets is a key to unlocking the full potential of Lightroom Classic Presets. Presets are pre-made settings that allow you to apply a consistent look or style to photos with a single click.  Here is a step by step guide on how to use presets in Lightroom Classic that you can understand below.

How to Use Presets in Lightroom Classic:

Once you download Lightroom Classic presets from our website, it is very easy to apply them to your photos. Understand the simple steps below.

Importing Presets

Once downloaded, open Lightroom Classic and go to Develop module. Click on it to see the preset panel. There will be 3 dots in one corner. Import the downloaded preset by clicking on it.

Applying Presets

When the Lightroom preset is imported, it will be added to your portfolio. When you click there, it will start applying to your photos. Click on different presets and see the colours in your photo.


The imported presets will usually be made to your liking, but you must try setting it yourself a bit. Try the exposure contrast and other tools of the preset. It is possible that making a few changes can give a unique look to your photo.

Saving Your Own Presets

Once your unique logo is ready, be sure to save your preset as it can be easily used when you want to use it on another photo in the future.

Types of Lightroom Classic Presets:

Now that you understand the basics of using presets on your photos, let’s explore the different types of presets available.

Portrait Presets

Designed to enhance portrait photography, these presets enhance skin tones and smooth skin, giving a professional finish that makes your face look more attractive.

Landscape Presets

Ideal for those passionate about nature, Landscape President enhances colour contrast and clarity of vision, helping to bring beauty to outdoor scenes and adding a unique pop of colour to all your photos.

Black and White Presets

Turn your photos into a classic with a monochromatic preset that focuses on tonal range and contrast, taking presets to the next level.

Vintage Presets

Relive your memories with our vintage presets that have a nostalgic feel to them when you use them.

As we promised that we will help you get access to lots of free Lightroom Classic pressures so you can click on the download button here below and step up your photography game and find different-  Experiment with different styles. You can see lots of presets below.


Lightroom Classic presets are a very powerful tool in the hands of any photographer. By following our complete guide on how to use presets you can take your photography to the very next level by exploring the great variety available here.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your editing experience and unleash your creativity thanks to the free preset download. Transform your photos and create a unique masterpiece in each photo. Do comment below to give us your feedback. Thank you.

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