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Food photography has evolved into a captivating art with professionals and enthusiasts constantly looking for ways to advance their skills. An essential tool for achieving stunning results is using presets in Lightroom.  

We’ll explore the world of matching photography presets and walk through the best presets available, giving you a guide to their fascinating presets and downloading free presets to enhance your gastronomical imagination.

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Understanding the Importance of Lightroom Food Photography Presets:

Lightroom Food photography presets serve as pre-made settings in Adobe Lightroom that can be applied to your photos with a single click. They simplify the editing process and provide consistency across key elements of colour grading tools.  

Sure, incorporating these presets into your workflow can significantly increase the visual appeal of your food photos. Now let’s dive into the best food photography presets.

Exploring the Best Food Photography Presets:

Having the right presets can make a big difference when it comes to food photography. Here are some of the best food photography presets any photographer needs.

  • Delicious Dishes” Preset Collection

Created specifically for food photography, this collection enhances the richness of colours and brings out the details in each of your creations.

  • Savoury Tones” Preset Pack

Best for creating an attractive and elegant environment, these presets are designed to enhance the richness of food photos and make them more attractive.

  • Gourmet Gradients” Bundle

This presets bundle focuses on creating gradients that move while adding depth and dimension to your photos while ensuring that every element of your direction looks unique.

Lightroom Food Photography Presets – Free or Not?

A common question among photographers is whether high quality Lightroom food photography presets are available for free. Although there are many free presets out there, it is important to recognize their quality. 

However, if we come to the point, the ones available on our website are absolutely free.  Makes all the presets available to the people. This is because we want photographers to start their experience with presets, so you can download the presets from us for free.

Top Lightroom Presets for Food Photography:

Instead of wandering here and there, it is better for us to select the top lightroom presets for food photography, so see the following below.

  • Contrast Cuisine

Our presets are perfect for giving your food photos the texture and contrast they deserve.

  • Colour Pop Feast

Enhances the vibrancy of colours making all your foods look more attractive with a splash of unique colours

  • Moody Morsels

Adds a touch of drama and sophistication that is perfect for creating an atmospheric effect.

Lightroom Food Presets Free Download Guide:

Now that you know all the important features of your food photography presets, let us understand the important things to download. For this, see the points below.

How to download lightroom presets full process, Presets Free download.

 Step 1: Go to our website home page or click on the top 10 presets given above this post and you can select multiple

 Step 2: After selecting, scroll down a little and you will find a button to download the file, click on it and you will go to the next page.

 Step 3: After coming to this page, you will get a button of download zip, click on it then your file will start downloading, from here you can easily download the zip file.

 Step 4: After downloading the zip file, extract it from your file manager, only then the file will become usable.

 So with this above method you must have learned how to easily Lightroom Food Presets Free Download. Now let us understand how to apply it on photos.

Applying Process of Food Presets in Lightroom:

The method of applying food photography Lightroom presets to your photos is very simple and to know it, it is necessary to see the points mentioned below.

Select Your Image

Find and select your favourite preset in the Lightroom application, go into editing mode and follow the next steps.

Click on the presets option below the photo and then click on the 3 dot option in the top corner, click on Import preset and import the downloaded preset into your Lightroom.

Choose Your Preset

Now after all the presets are in Lightroom, you can try your favourite preset by clicking on it, it has started giving an attractive glow to your food photo.

Fine-Tune if Necessary

Making adjustments to the settings yourself may result in a slightly more attractive appearance. You may want to do this after applying the preset. The settings you have made may result in a new attractive look.


Incorporating the Food Photography Presets Lightroom into your workflow can be a game changer for you as you can easily achieve that professional looking look on all those food photos. It lies in experimenting with different styles to figure it out.  

Download Apply and watch your gastronomic creations come to life through the magic of your camera lens and Lightroom presets. If you have any feedback, please let us know below.  Please leave a comment.  Thank you

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