Top 10 Earthquake Shake Effect Premiere Pro Presets Free Download

Premiere Pro adds a very powerful dynamic touch to your videos to create amazing earthquake shaking effects that make them much more attractive and impressive. In this complete guide, we will give you the zip file and find out how.  

Let us take a step by step dive into how this effect can be easily achieved using presets to see how you can easily incorporate earthquake shocks into your video projects.

Understanding the Earthquake Shake Preset

Earthquake Shake Effect Premiere Pro is a very powerful preset that simulates the shakes and vibrations felt during an earthquake, adding a wonderful and unique dimension to your photos. 

This preset is designed for users who are beginners as well as editors.  That the experience has been done is best for both of them.

Downloading the Earthquake Shake Preset

It is very easy to download Earthquake Shake Effect Premiere Pro, just follow the step by step instructions given below.

 Step 1: Go to the homepage of our website and search for presets free download.

 Step 2: Search the name of your favourite preset in the search button and select your favourite preset there.

 Step 3: On clicking that preset, you will come to the next page and go to the last page to download that post.

 Step 4: To download the file, click on the download button, the download will start.

 The file can be downloaded from our website in the above manner and now let us understand how to install it in Premiere Pro.

Importing the Preset into Premiere Pro

Follow the steps below to import the Earthquake Set Effect Premiere Pro into your Premiere Pro software.

How to download premiere pro Presets for free in 2024

 Step 1: Open your Premiere Pro software.

 Step 2: Click on New Project and create a new project.

 Step 3: Add one of your clips to the timeline and go to the Effects panel.

 Step 4: Right click in the Effects panel and click on Import presets.

 Step 5: Extract the downloaded file from your file explorer.

 Step 5: Select the downloaded preset and import it.

Applying the Earthquake Shake Effect Premiere Pro

Follow the simple steps below to apply the preset.

How to add Presets on premiere Pro 2024

 Step 1: You have to go to the Effects panel of your Premiere Pro.

 Step 2: Find the imported preset and drag and drop it onto the clip on your timeline.

 Step 3: After just this process, your preset has been applied to your clip.

Fine-Tuning the Effect

To enhance the visibility of earthquakes, there is another setting within Premiere Pro called Effect Controls. From there you can increase the power of your effects and adjust the effects that transform your entire video.  Experiment with a keyframe to create dynamic transitions.

Troubleshooting and Tips

Includes troubleshooting tips to fix simple problems and easily customise earthquake effects. Put your mind to adjusting settings for different types of photos Remember that presets can easily adapt to different projects.


Earthquake Shake Effect Premiere Pro Mastering the depth effects of Premiere Pro can open up new creative possibilities for your video projects. With all the information we have given you in this entire guide, you can easily download the Earthquake Shake Effect from it.  

Now that you've understood the entire process from start to finish, incorporate this dynamic effect into your story project and take your video effects to the next level.  Download Earthquake Shake effect and add it to your Premiere Pro project and please comment below to share your opinion, thank you.

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