Top 10 Crash Zoom Effect Premiere Pro Presets Free Download

The world of video editing is constantly growing and one of the most famous and quick effects that video makers love to include in their projects is the crash zoom effect. It has a high energy effect that adds a cinematic effect to your video.  

In this complete guide, we’ll walk you through how to create and implement a crash zoom effect in Premiere Pro and how you can easily add this growing technique to your video editing repertoire. So let’s start by understanding it.

Understanding the Crash Zoom Effect

The crash zoom effect, also known as the SnapZoom punch-in effect, is designed to speed up a specific moment in time or add a unique element within the frame, such as speeding up photos in layers.  

Zooming in is commonly used in action movies, song videos and high impact stories to create a very immersive experience for the audience.

How to Make the Crash Zoom Effect in Premiere Pro

If you want to create the crash effect manually then you can follow the methods mentioned below.

 1. Opening Premiere Pro

 Launch Adobe Premiere Pro and open your old project or create a new project by clicking New Project.

 2. Importing footage

 Import the photos you want to edit into your project.

 3. Creating a Sequence

 Start a new sequence with the best settings for your photos.

 4. Selecting the Clip

 Locate and click the clip in your timeline to which you want to apply the crash zoom effect.

 5. Cutting the Clip

 Use the Razor tool to make a cut at the point where you want to start the crash zoom effect.

 6. Adjusting Scale

 Go into the effect controls and find the scale properties, set the keyframe for the scale at the cut point, one for the first scale and another for the zoom in scale.

 7. Adjusting Position

 Set the best frame for the property being positioned to create an impact effect that is sharp and impactful.

 8. Adding Smooth Transitions

 To make the crash zoom effect even more attractive, add this in and this out to keyframes for smooth transitions.

 9. Previewing the Effect

 Play your video to see how the crash zoom effect works and make adjustments as necessary.

 10. Rendering and Exporting

 Once you are okay with your editing, export your video with the crash effect.

How to Add Zoom Effect in Premiere Pro

Apart from the Crash Zoom effect, Premiere Pro also offers a variety of effects that you can add to your projects to add more creativity and emphasis as per your need.

How to add Presets on premiere Pro 2024

Using the Scale Property

Use the Scale property in the Effect Controls panel to manually adjust the zoom level for a unique clip.

Keyframing for Zoom Control

Create a keyframe for the scale setting to control when and how the zoom effect occurs within your timeline.

Zoom Transition Presets

Apart from Premiere Pro, there are many advanced zoom transitions online that you can download. You can also download advanced presets from our website presets free download.

Downloading and Installing the Crash Zoom Effect

To download Crash Zoom effect presets from our website, you need to understand the simple things mentioned below.

How to download premiere pro Presets for free in 2024

Visiting Our Website

Visit the homepage of our website and search for your favourite preset collection using the search button or open it from the given collections.

Downloading the Preset

When you come to the next page, to download that preset in that post, you have to scroll down slowly and at the end you will find a download file button, click on it and download it.

Extracting Files

Whenever you download a zip file, make sure to extract that file from the file explorer, only then it can be installed in Premiere Pro.

Installing the Preset

To add the crash effect preset to your Premiere Pro, you will have to go to your Premiere Pro application and go to the effect panel, right click on the mouse and click on import presets and click on the downloaded preset, it should be imported.

Applying the Preset

To apply the imported preset, you will see in the Effects panel that wherever this crash zoom effect preset has been imported, search for the preset and drag and drop it on the clip in your timeline. It will be applied.


Mastering the Premiere Pro zoom effect opens up a huge potential of creativity for your video editing. By following this step by step guide, you can easily apply the crash zoom effect in your project, which will significantly increase your video editing speed.  

If you can increase your editing experience then download our preset today and comment below to tell us your opinion, thank you.

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