Top 10 Colour Lightroom Presets Free Download.

In this new dynamic field of digital photography, the quest to enhance visual appeal never ends. Experienced and budding photographers are constantly looking for new tools that not only make the editing process easier but also enhance the beauty of photos.  

One such transformative tool that has gained immense popularity is the use of colour Lightroom presets and in this comprehensive guide we will explore the ins and outs of these presets and also understand their importance and use them to create effective and  We will also guide you with complete steps to download and use it easily.

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Colour Lightroom presets information

It becomes easier to understand these Colour Lightroom Presets through a little information, so let’s take its information first.

What are Colour Lightroom Presets?

Colour Lightroom Presets are built-in settings within Lightroom that provide an easy and quick way to enhance the tone and overall life of your photos. These presets incorporate a highly visual style that allows photographers to  It becomes easy to add colors to your photos whether it is a scene or a painting or a photo composition.

Significance of Color in Photography

Let’s start this journey by using the Colour Lightroom Presets. It is quite important for us to understand the importance of colour in photography. In fact, colours evoke emotions, set the mood and play a vital role in the storytelling aspect of a photo.  Significant use enhances visual impact and turns a simple photo into a story-telling tale of entertainment.

The Magic Unveiled: How Colour Lightroom Presets Transform Your Photos

Colour Lightroom Presets give your photos a colourful and unique landscape look. Let’s look at some of its intrinsic features.

Vibrant Landscapes

Using colour Lightroom presets for landscapes can bring your outdoor shots to life. From warm rooftops at sunset to lush greenery, these presets enhance the natural textures and beauty captured through your lens.

Dynamic Portraits

Portrait photography takes on a whole new dimension with colour enhancing counsel. Skin tones become more vivid and all the features visible in the picture are enhanced, creating visually arresting and compellingly attractive images.

Artistic Expression

For those pursuing artistic endeavours, Color provides a canvas to use with Lightroom presets. The choice is made of vivid colours and chalky or subtle castle tones as you explore the many options available.

Downloading and Applying Colour Lightroom Presets: A Step-by-Step Guide

As far as possible, downloading is easy and using it is even easier, but if you encounter any errors, please follow the steps given below.

Downloading process

Step 1: You can first select the following presets given above

 Step 2: After selecting, scroll down and click on the download button.

 Step 3: After clicking on download you will go to a new page in which you can download zip

 Step 4: And after downloading, extract this zip file from your file manager.

Lightroom Presets free download

Applying Presets to Your Photos

Step 1: First open your Lightroom application

 Step 2: And select your favourite photo and put it in edit mode.

 Step 3: Click on the preset option and import preset by clicking on the 3 dot option in the corner.

 step 4: Select the downloaded preset from the downloaded file.

 Step 5: And after your preset is imported, apply it on your photo.

 So, from the above method, we started downloading it and applying it on our photos so that we can know the complete information.


Color Lightroom is not just a precious tool, it is an entry door to unlocking the full potential of your photography creativity whether you are a professional photographer looking to show off or a passionate person aiming to capture the beauty of beautiful scenes. 

Usage can make a huge difference so download Karen, explore and every song captured by you, reveal the magic of colour in love and always remember us to live like this and share it with your friends. Thank you

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