Top Best Lightroom presets for Night Photos, Free Download.

Lightroom presets for Night Photos present a unique set of challenges and opportunities that allow you to combine the interplay of darkness and artificial light to create a stunning visual effect that will greatly enhance all your night photos and transform the way you edit them.  

To make it easier, we’ve put together a collection of the highest quality Lightroom presets designed specifically for night photography, all free and producing professional-looking results with just a few clicks.  And it makes it easier for you, so now let us know the features of the best lightroom presets for night photography.

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Advantages of Best Lightroom Presets for Night Photography

lightroom presets for night pictures have many features to give a unique look to photography, it is important for you to know which we have mentioned below, due to which it is more famous.

  1.  Night Enchantment

Turn all your night shorts into mind-blowing masterpieces with our Lightroom presets for night photography presets that capture the vibrant colours of city lights while maintaining the deep blackness of the night sky.  

Sophisticated and perfect for urban landscapes, these presets add a touch of magic to your night photos making them feel unique with a captivating classic charm.

  1.  Moonlit Shadows

Lightroom presets for night photography Capture the ethereal beauty of those moonlit nights with our Moonlight Shadow preset that helps enhance the contrast between light and shadow to bring out fine details in your night photos.  

This preset is ideal for shots taken under moonlight and it brings out the glow in your photos, perfecting the night scene while preserving the clarity of your subjects.

  1.  Cityscape Noir

The most suitable preset like Cityscape Noir for urban night scenes is this lightroom presets for night photos. 

This preset adds a cinema touch to your city shots and enhances the contrast by working up the brightness and deepening the shadows and the result is an attractive  The image symbolises the bustling dynamic energy of the city at night making it perfect for showcasing urban night lights.

  1.  Starry Night Sky

Whether you’re looking to capture the beauty of the night sky or brighten up your shots in the dark, these Lightroom presets for Night Photos enhance the visibility of the stars while maintaining the richness of your dark sky.  

Whether you’re taking pictures of text or a serene night scene, these presets can bring a magical glow to your night photography that you’ll be happy to see.

  1.  Neon Dreams

You might have heard of its Neon Dreams preset, but this free lightroom presets for night portraits creates something similar for you that enhances the vibrant colours of neon lights, giving your photos a stylish and futuristic look.  

It is perfect for all those shots that capture the energy of night lights or street scenes and it adds a pop of neon dreamy colour that really gives your photos a fun look.

Free Lightroom Presets for Night Portraits

Capturing night photos is very difficult, along with that it is very easy to fill colours and add light and our free Lightroom presets for night portraits make it easy and with it, if I tell you, many things.  Or it does things like Brightness Contrast Saturation Vibrance and Hue, then after knowing all these features, 

if you want to download it, then the way to download it is given below and apart from that, after downloading, you can also learn to apply it.  If you read a little further down.

How to download Lightroom Presets for Night Photography

Downloading lightroom presets for night pictures is very easy just follow the steps below and learn how to download it.

 Step 1: Go to the home page of our website or search for any preset by clicking on the True option.

 Step 2: After entering the post, you will see photos of many presets a little below, click on them and select multiple.

 Step 3: Scroll down slowly and when the answer comes at the bottom, you will find the download button, click on it.

 Step 4: After clicking on the download button, when you come to the next page, you will get the option of download zip.

 Step 5: You will get the option of Download Jeep, click on it and your file will start downloading.

 Step 6: After downloading the file, extract it from the file manager.

 So in this way you can easily download lightroom presets for night photos in your phone and use it on photos and you will know how to use it on your photos.

How to apply Lightroom Presets for Night Pictures

Follow the steps below to understand how to apply the Lightroom presets for night pictures to your photos.

 Step 1: Open your Lightroom application and select your favourite photo and go into edit mode.

 Step 2: Click on presets option and import preset by clicking on 3 dots.

 Step 3: Find the downloaded preset from the file manager and import it into Lightroom.

 Step 4: After importing, try applying it on your photo and also make some adjustments after applying.

 So with these above methods you can easily apply it to your photos and use free lightroom presets for night portraits in your daily night shots.


Our free lightroom presets for night photos could be a game changer for all show and experience photographers. Incorporate these presets into your daily workflow and you’ll be sure to get your editing process in gear.  And keep getting amazing results that will stun your audience. 

Download these processes today and easily edit stunning photos and enhance the eye-catching power of photos. Take your night photography to new heights and unleash your creativity.  Let it shine through your camera to capture it. Thank you

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